Feature Mirrors

Feature mirrors FEA(A)

Image FEA(A):
Two-piece mirror set with stained glass. Length of wall covered here is 2.6 meters.
Designed for an apartment in Stepaside, Co. Dublin.
Can be made to customer’s specifications.

Feature mirrors FEA(B)

Image FEA(B):
Alcove beside a fireplace completely covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, including a bevelled centre-mirror and floating glass shelves.
Designed for RTE Showhouse in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, 2007.

Feature mirrors FEA(C)

Image FEA(C):
Three-piece feature mirror, with deep red centre circle. Ideal for medium to large wall areas.
Designed for a private house in Ballinteer, Dublin 14.

Feature mirrors FEA(D)

Image FEA(D):
Four-piece split-mirror set. Designed for Gary Rhodes Restaurant, Dublin 7.
Positioned in a corner, one gets an interlinked reflection of the design from any one of the 45 seats in this section of the restaurant.

Feature mirrors FEA(E)

Image FEA(E):
Two-piece corner mirror with stained glass, to compliment existing interior, giving depth to narrow cornered hallway.

Feature mirrors FEA(F)

Image FEA(F):
Feature mirror set, wrapping around a chimney breast.
Designed for a private house in Mount Merrion, Dublin 4.

Feature mirrors FEA(G)

Image FEA(G):
1.6m diameter two-piece tear-drop mirror with a chestnut brown stained glass “skip” running through.
Finished in brass. Designed for Rhodes D7 Restaurant, The Capel Building, Dublin 7.

Feature mirrors FEA(I)

Image FEA(I):
Mirrors designed by Mirroredart Ltd. for the Mezzanine level, Rhodes D7 Restaurant, The Capel Building, Dublin 7.

Feature mirror FEA(M)

Image FEA(M):
Mirror set with two matching blue coloured panels. Kitchen feature, creating the impression of space and depth.
Designed for a private residence in Seapoint, Co. Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(P)

Image FEA(P):
Three-piece triangular combination set, allowing one to create many different designs.
Designed for a private residence in Seapoint, Co. Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(S)

Image FEA(S):
Three-piece mirror set, with black BQ centre.
Designed for a private residence in Kimmage, Dublin 8.

Feature mirrors.

Image FEA(U):
Three-piece feature mirror with two-coloured red “Kokomo” centre-piece, creating depth for the whole room.

Feature mirror FEA(W)

Image FEA(W):
Mirror feature for staircase.
Designed for a private residence in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Feature mirror FEA(X)

Image FEA(X):
Four-piece hall mirror, creating the illusion of space, for a narrow hall.
Hand-polished glass design.
Clonee, Co. Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(H)

Image FEA(H):
2.7 metre long backsplash.
Castleknock, Co. Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(J)

Image FEA(J):
Fifteen-shelf mirrored bookcase.
Castleknock, Co. Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(Y)

Image FEA(Y):
Bedside mirrors with feature purple insets to match overall bedroom colour scheme.
Private family room in Laura Lynn House, Children’s Hospice, Leopardstown, Dublin 18.

Feature mirror FEA(Z)

Image FEA(Z):
Large mirror for childrens’ playroom.
With 6mm toughened glass protection.

Feature mirror FEA(N)

Image FEA(N):
Extra large mirror in wooden frame.
For milliners in FitzWilliam, Dublin.

Feature mirror FEA(O)

Image FEA(O):
Two-piece mirror with hand-polished stained glass.
For apartments in Grand Canal, Dublin.